Cleanse Plus, Protects your liver, Inhibits inflammation, Normalizes intestinal function - 1 OZ/ 30ml

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  • Normalizes intestinal function
  • Protects the micro-flora in your gut
  • Protects your liver
  • Inhibits inflammation
  • VizPur technology provides optimal absorption for maximum benefits

Are You Clean?

Normalizes and balances your digestive tract.

Viz Clean Plus helps to rejuvenate your metabolism. It normalizes and balances your digestive tract to prevent inflammation, irritation and constipation through a blend of valuable natural ingredients.

Frankincense is a resin from the Boswelliaserrata tree, which grows in very limited habitats, such as in parts of India and the Middle East. Known from ancient times as a healing agent, it has gained new interest by demonstrating potent anti-inflammatory effects.

Milk thistle is an extract derived from a plant growing in the Mediterranean that has long been known as a liver tonic due to its unique components, silymarin and unsaturated fatty acids.

Black walnut hull extract helps your digestive tract protect itself from the growth of harmful pathogens, while Senna leaf extract and aloe vera act as relaxing agents for the lower intestine. Clean Plus is also blended with Fibersol, a highly water-soluble fiber product that helps to normalize your intestinal motion.

Frankincense and milk thistle, in particular, have not been used effectively in nutraceuticals since they are not water-soluble. VizPur technology brings these gifts of nature to your body, fully unleashing their power in a way that simply was not possible.


Take 1 fluid ounce per day as directed by your health care provider.