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Prime members enjoy exclusive access to special price on items, free shipping, and free buying service. A prime membership is entitled to purchase only once a year for package products provided by Prime Zone. And you will enjoy the many special benefits that VizShop offers.

However, when you purchase a product in the Prime Zone for the first time, you will receive a 10% discount on the regular price.

Instant access to member only price

Enjoy special low price on all items

Your prime membership includes the exclusive access to member only price on

Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping included with your Prime membership

Your prime membership includes free shipping for your order. If you buy any items from PR-zone along with your order, your shipping charge will be refunded to your account as Reward Point. You can use reward point on your next order.

Free Purchasing Service

$150 credit toward your next purchasing service

Your prime membership also includes $150 worth of PSP (Purchasing Service Point). You can use this point to request any purchasing service to VIZ products, and you don't pay any service charge for your purchasing service order.

Cash Back on Purchasing Service

Up to 10% savings

If you request purchasing service from hundreds of our affilate sites, you will receive up to 10% of your order amount as Reward Point. You can use reward point on your next order to save more.